Our New Buyers Advocate

By December 5, 2016News

Northern Property Buyers Advocate


Want to buy a property and don’t know where to start?
Want to invest but can’t find the right property?
Don’t have the time to search for the right property or knowledge of the property market?

Whether you are an investor, a business owner looking for a home for your business or just looking for a house of your own then it’s critical that you find the right property that suits your situation and profile. We cater for business owners, overseas buyers, large and small scale property investors and home buyers.
There are lots of considerations when you are looking for property, knowing the market, the trends, the type of property that have the best prospects where you are looking to buy and if you are an investor should you be looking further afield.
Northern Property Buyers Advocate is fully owned by Northern Property Valuers who have been in business in North Queensland for the past 20 years.

We have a database of thousands of properties including residential, commercial, industrial, retail, rural and residential property development sites. We understand the Far North Queensland property market, the trends and outlook so if you are:
•    Looking to buy a commercial premise for your business
•    Wanting to invest in commercial, industrial, rural or residential properties either directly or through your business or Self-Managed Superannuation Fund
•    Looking to purchase a rural property
•    Wanting to buy a home, unit, flat or lifestyle property to live in
then you should call us at Northern Property Buyers Advocate.
We are about making your life easier, giving you the knowledge and our expertise so that you can make the right, fully informed decision. And it’s a one stop shop for purchasing a property.

We have teamed up with FNQ Finance Guy and Girgenti Lawyers to make the purchasing of your property as seamless for you as possible.
How does it work:
•    We meet with you and build a profile of what you are looking for.
•    How much can you afford? Do you qualify for finance? Through our affiliation with FNQ Finance Guy you can find out how much you can afford before you start and if suitable obtain pre-approved finance so that you can be sure that when you do find the right property you don’t miss out.
•    When you do find the right property, you need to make sure your legal needs are met. This is where our affiliation with Girgenti Lawyers helps you. They can cover all your legal and conveyancing needs with the property purchased and more.
•    We find you a property or properties that suit your profile. We can approach a vendor direct or through their RE Agent and help you negotiate the purchase.